Meaning of network marketing in English:

network marketing


mass noun
  • another term for pyramid selling

    ‘network marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires, but very rarely do people get rich in this business’
    • ‘Notwithstanding the pitfalls, enterprising individuals have made a decent living in network marketing.’
    • ‘The whole idea of network marketing is to use direct salespeople to sell products or services to the end consumer.’
    • ‘Network marketing sells products that can earn the salesperson a commission.’
    • ‘John is a satellite engineer and Deborah works in network marketing.’
    • ‘When presented with the opportunity to get involved in network marketing, I was reluctant at first, because I didn't know anything about finances or business.’
    • ‘Another one of Ahola's colleagues has a second job in business, another works in IT, and a third is in network marketing.’
    • ‘Use this guideline to help determine the legitimacy of a marketer's claims and whether network marketing is the right move for you.’
    • ‘The business was launched just about the time that the multi-level marketers had started using the term "network marketing" to hide what they did.’
    • ‘To succeed at network marketing online, you must set yourself apart from the herd.’
    • ‘Through Network Marketing, you can develop a network of like-minded individuals who are interested in selling the same product or service as you, allowing you to make a tiered commission from their sales.’