Meaning of neurasthenic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərəsˈθɛnɪk/

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adjective & noun

mainly dated

See neurasthenia

‘For example, it isn't hard to imagine that many a person with multiple sclerosis was once considered neurasthenic.’
  • ‘For certain troublesome neurasthenic cases, particularly in women, this discussion suggests a practical therapeutic measure.’
  • ‘Here is the prototypical neurasthenic fatigue - almost suicidal, but ultimately too passive and weak to even take that course of action.’
  • ‘Her neurasthenic, fragile Aunt Lena is already trite; her mean, scary cousin Bobby Lee is already trite; her columned, shuttered house in Natchez is already trite.’
  • ‘Problems were magnified into calamities; the neurasthenic was ‘the victim of an abnormal state that is neither health nor disease.’’