Meaning of neuritis in English:


Pronunciation /njʊəˈrʌɪtɪs/

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mass noun
  • 1Medicine
    Inflammation of a peripheral nerve or nerves, usually causing pain and loss of function.

    ‘Unlike acute brachial plexus neuritis, the pain, weakness and sensory loss associated with cervical radiculopathy tend to occur simultaneously.’
    • ‘In 1943, Spillane was probably the first to recognize acute brachial plexus neuritis as a distinct clinical entity.’
    • ‘Differentiating acute brachial plexus neuritis from other diagnoses is important so that surgical treatment is not performed for small osteophytes that may be present on MRI, but are not causing the patient's neurologic deficits.’
    • ‘It is therefore specifically useful for various types of neuralgia and neuritis when there is hyperemia, nervous irritability and intercostal neuralgia, ovarian neuralgia and sometimes sciatic neuritis or neuralgia.’
    • ‘It is probably due to supraorbital neuritis - an irritation of a small nerve above the eyebrow which supplies sensation to this area.’
    1. 1.1(in general use) neuropathy.
      ‘If you are suffering from any neurological disorders like neuroses, stress, or neuritis, the most suitable water for your condition will be the Velingrad waters.’
      • ‘Perhaps you need to see a neurophysician who might tell you if your problems are due to neuritis or some other cause.’
      • ‘Holst suffered from poor eyesight and neuritis in his arm, and his health was further affected by a fall in 1923.’
      • ‘He had a few songwriting successes as a young man, but he didn't make composition a central wage-earning activity until 1919, when neuritis made it difficult for him to continue playing the viola professionally.’
      • ‘Harry had advanced liver disease, peripheral neuritis, and early cognitive loss.’