Meaning of neuroanatomy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərəʊəˈnatəmi/


mass noun
  • The anatomy of the nervous system.

    ‘There are a plethora of textbooks on neuroanatomy, neuroscience, neurochemistry, physiological psychology, neurology, and psychopharmacology.’
    • ‘Together they made significant contributions to the study of abdominal and pelvic viscera, vascular anatomy, and neuroanatomy.’
    • ‘The second chapter provides an introduction to clinical neuroanatomy where Pliszka seeks to make neuroanatomy simple, without being simplistic.’
    • ‘Extrapolation of some physiologic data may be valid, but with the differing anatomy, neuroanatomy, and hormonal milieu of each gender, physiologic differences outweigh the similarities.’
    • ‘The dominant tradition in psychiatry espouses an individualistic and reductionist outlook, seeking to explain mental illness in terms of neuroanatomy or neurophysiology, genetics or, more recently, cognitive neuroscience.’