Meaning of neurobiologist in English:



See neurobiology

‘As an immunologist and neurobiologist, Mombaerts has decisively contributed to the basic mechanistic understanding of olfaction (sense of smell).’
  • ‘But a new collaborative study involving a biomedical engineer at Washington University in St. Louis and neurobiologists at the University of Pittsburgh shows that sometimes you can't believe anything that you see.’
  • ‘Swann is the one quoted above who falsely claims that Backster's work was vindicated in the 1980s by neurobiologists when it was discovered that plants have neural networks.’
  • ‘During the last 10 years or so, neurobiologists have shown that our brain cells grow back - and they do so with gusto.’
  • ‘A masterpiece of evolution is the human eye, and in the beautifully illustrated Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing, neurobiologist Margaret Livingstone explains how the eye processes light.’