Meaning of neuroblast in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjʊərəblɑːst/


  • An embryonic cell from which nerve fibres originate.

    ‘Neuroblastomas represent a spectrum of differentiation of primitive neuroblasts into mature ganglion cells.’
    • ‘Only one cell of the cluster finally gives rise to a neuroblast because of lateral inhibition, involving the Notch receptor protein and its ligand Delta, which prevents other cells developing as neuroblasts.’
    • ‘The esg gene is normally expressed in embryonic neuroblasts and contributes to central nervous system development.’
    • ‘Implantation of dopaminergic neuroblasts, from embryos, which are already committed by fate into the brains of patients with Parkinson's disease has yielded promising results, including clinical improvement in some patients.’
    • ‘Shortly after gastrulation, lig mRNA was present in the germ band at relatively low levels; expression increased markedly from stage 9, at which neuroblasts delaminate from the ectoderm.’