Significado de neurochemist en en Inglés



See neurochemistry

‘The research team, headed by neurochemist Dr Peter Nunn, will examine whether aspartame could be linked to primary brain tumours as Olney and others have been suggesting.’
  • ‘How is it reasonable to describe a neurochemist or behavioural psychologist's work as any more mechanistic than that?’
  • ‘That's because the play is about a neurochemist named Roland Welby who is doing research on a fictional drug called Zeropinealphrine which, it seems, could radically accelerate human evolution.’
  • ‘Students preparing for exams might benefit from taking creatine in much the way that some competitive athletes do, an Australian neurochemist suggests.’
  • ‘That is not going to help me explain why Prozac makes people less depressed or morphine gives people a dreamlike state and as a neurochemist you can see where I'm coming from.’