Meaning of neurochemistry in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərə(ʊ)ˈkɛmɪstri/


mass noun
  • The branch of biochemistry concerned with the processes occurring in nerve tissue and the nervous system.

    ‘There are a plethora of textbooks on neuroanatomy, neuroscience, neurochemistry, physiological psychology, neurology, and psychopharmacology.’
    • ‘This finding indicates that early initiation of neuroprotective therapy could alter neurochemistry and improve outcomes in patients with acute stroke.’
    • ‘Master's and doctoral programs are offered in neuroscience disciplines such as neurogenetics, neurochemistry, neuroimmunology, neuropharmacology, and experimental pathology.’
    • ‘They also encouraged their talented daughter in the studies that would take her to St Hilda's in Oxford and along an extraordinarily circuitous and unorthodox route from Latin and Greek through physiology to neurochemistry.’
    • ‘Neuroscience is a very broad field, with subdisciplines spanning anatomy, molecular biology, neurochemistry, electrophysiology, neuroimaging and behavior.’