Meaning of neurocomputer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərə(ʊ)kəmˈpjuːtə/


another term for neural computer
‘In order to simulate neural networks of brain-size, neurocomputers need to be scaled up.’
  • ‘The study investigates the claims that neural networks and neurocomputers are purportedly better than more conventional kinds of software and hardware.’
  • ‘In mid-1908s a new term appeared in the field of human brain modeling - ‘neurocomputer’.’
  • ‘To compute neural computation effectively and simply in a SIMD type neurocomputer, new processing methods are proposed for parallel computation such as delayed instruction execution, and reconfiguration.’
  • ‘The advantage of such a neurocomputer is that it can be built using voltage controlled oscillators, optical oscillators, lasers, micro-electromechanical systems, Josephson junctions, macromolecules, or oscillators of other kinds..’