Meaning of neurodiverse in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərə(ʊ)dʌɪˈvəːs/

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  • Displaying or characterized by autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behaviour; not neurotypical.

    ‘the intended audiences for the courses include both neurodiverse and neurotypical students’
    • ‘The session discussed altering hiring practices to find neurodiverse job candidates.’
    • ‘The creators designed the play specifically for children with autism, and for other kids who are neurodiverse.’
    • ‘The abilities and strengths neurodiverse people bring to the workplace aren't widely acknowledged at present.’
    • ‘The company has 14 neurodiverse employees working in areas including cybersecurity, automation, and data analytics.’
    • ‘The group's new play will provide more opportunities on the stage, especially for those identifying as neurodiverse.’
    • ‘Neurodiverse brains boast so much creative thinking that it's hard to try and rein all that fizz in sometimes.’
    • ‘The company employs people who identify as neurodiverse.’
    • ‘The child's mother indicated later that her son was neurodiverse.’
    • ‘A local arts project aimed at helping neurodiverse young people has secured almost £10,000 in funding.’
    • ‘Neurodiverse kids are often more successful navigating social situations when they've had a chance to role-play before the big day.’


Early 21st century from neuro- + diverse.