Meaning of neurodiversity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərə(ʊ)dʌɪˈvəːsɪti/ /ˌnjʊərə(ʊ)dɪˈvəːsɪti/

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mass noun
  • The range of differences in individual brain function and behavioural traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population (used especially in the context of autistic spectrum disorders)

    ‘his book about living with bipolar disorder is having some influence on the way people in his home country view neurodiversity’
    • ‘He will help design and co-teach a one-credit course on neurodiversity to be offered through interdisciplinary studies in the spring.’
    • ‘They say brain differences, like body differences, should be embraced, and argue for an acceptance of 'neurodiversity.'’
    • ‘The neurodiversity movement is based on the belief that there is no such thing as "normal" when it comes to the human mental landscape.’


1990s from neuro- + diversity.