Meaning of neurofeedback in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjʊərəʊˌfiːdbak/


mass noun
  • A form of biofeedback in which subjects respond to a display of their own brainwaves or other electrical activity of the nervous system.

    ‘I started using neurofeedback for Parkinson's disease, and found that it helped not only in restoration of movement, but also in mental sharpness’
    • ‘students given the ‘deep relaxation’ neurofeedback protocol improved the most’
    • ‘Eleven patients received neurofeedback training for five to seven sessions, 20 minutes per session, twice a week.’
    • ‘During neurofeedback, users learn to control their own brain activity with the help of a brain-computer interface.’
    • ‘Neurofeedback tools require users to wear an EEG headband with small sensors that track brain waves.’
    • ‘We are especially seeking clinicians with a positive psychology approach and interest in the application of biofeedback and neurofeedback to mindfulness, meditation, and stress.’
    • ‘Neurofeedback can be especially helpful with drug-resistant depression.’