Meaning of neurolinguistic programming in English:

neurolinguistic programming


mass noun
  • A system of alternative therapy intended to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to model and change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour.

    • ‘I'm looking for more on this, Hypnosis as Sedation Alternative, and anything on neurolinguistic programming and controlling sensation.’
    • ‘It's all based on ‘an adaptation of neurolinguistic programming, a school of hypnosis holding that one can communicate with the subconscious through seemingly normal conversation.’’
    • ‘Likening an overfondness for messaging to alcoholism and drug addiction, the clinic offers to ‘cure’ keypad addicts through hypnotherapy and something called neurolinguistic programming.’
    • ‘According to Strauss, whose book is being published next month and is also to be turned into a film, the skills were developed from scientific research in the 1970s called neurolinguistic programming.’
    • ‘There is also hypnotism which has a success rate of 36 per cent - with a twist a technique known as neurolinguistic programming.’


neurolinguistic programming

/njʊərəʊlɪŋˌɡwɪstɪk ˈprəʊɡramɪŋ/