Meaning of neurolinguistics in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnjʊərəʊlɪŋˈɡwɪstɪks/

plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between language and the structure and functioning of the brain.

    ‘Psycholinguistics, as the study of language and the mind, is usually distinguished from neurolinguistics, the study of language and the brain.’
    • ‘You only have to go to Amazon to see the enormous number of people who are working in psychology, neurology, neurolinguistics, AI etc etc and they're all concentrating on exactly these issues.’
    • ‘This book might look like a popular science book describing all the wonderful research into neurolinguistics and what it has discovered about language acquisition.’
    • ‘Years ago, I read a very interesting look at deaf people, their unique culture, and the neurolinguistics of the deaf.’
    • ‘He is qualified in neurolinguistics and as a breathwork coach and is a leading light in the Chaos Magic organization the Illuminates of Thanateros.’