Meaning of neuropharmacologist in English:



See neuropharmacology

‘A neuropharmacologist at Yale University School of Medicine later concurred.’
  • ‘‘In the past, most patients started with L-dopa because it was regarded as the most potent drug,’ says co-author Olivier Rascol, Ph.D., a neuropharmacologist at University Hospital in France.’
  • ‘And I read the paper, and I'm not a neuropharmacologist, I don't work on drugs at all, but it was so glaringly obvious that there was an incompatibility between the title and the death of the animals involved.’
  • ‘In the new study, a team led by neuropharmacologist David Julius from the University California, San Francisco, identified three pain-causing molecules in tarantula venom.’
  • ‘However, I must emphasize again that I am a neuropharmacologist, not a physicist (I don't even play one on TV).’