Main meanings of never-never in English

: never-never1Never-Never2


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informal British the never-never
  • Hire purchase.

    • ‘buying a telly on the never-never’
    • ‘They instructed hire-purchase companies to make the never-never more finite.’
    • ‘Perhaps we are too fond, in the current era, of living for the day, of buying on tick and the never-never.’
    • ‘In fact, as a result of the last few months' boom in trade, the son went out and bought himself a new car on the never-never and the missus had done the same and ordered a new kitchen.’
    • ‘As it stands at the moment, something like $22 million worth of outstanding fines is out there on the never-never.’
    • ‘First of all, he said, I am not going to take into account this money you say is on the never-never which is going to accrue.’
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Main meanings of Never-Never in English

: never-never1Never-Never2


Pronunciation /ˌnɛvəˈnɛvə/ /ˈnɛvəˌnɛvə/

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proper noun

  • 1Australian The unpopulated desert country of the interior of Australia; the remote outback.

  • 2Never-Never Land or Never-Never CountryA region of Northern Territory, Australia, south-east of Darwin; chief town, Katherine.


Mid 19th century so named from the notion that one might never return from such remote country.