Meaning of new-found in English:



(also newly found)
  • Recently discovered or established.

    ‘the pressures of her new-found fame’
    • ‘he loved his new-found freedom’
    • ‘She plays Greta, a Manhattan book editor who's grappling with her new-found ambition.’
    • ‘With newfound determination, he haunted the sets of big studio productions, filling up notebook after notebook on the nuances of moviemaking.’
    • ‘In spite of their growing terror, Jack leads his newly found tribe of hunters into the jungle for the slaying of another pig.’
    • ‘With his newly found wealth, he and his family headed back to their land.’
    • ‘Students need to develop analytical listening skills and should learn to integrate their newly found historical perspective into the way they learn and perform music of the period studied.’
    • ‘Cleo is open and at ease, reflecting some new-found maturity.’
    • ‘This newfound urgency appears only in fits and starts.’
    • ‘Early adolescents are very aware of, and proud of, their new-found reasoning abilities.’
    • ‘Could his new-found fortune prove enough of an allure for her to run away with him?’
    • ‘The MP also pledged to use her new-found TV fame to challenge the "controlling" political culture of Westminster.’