Meaning of new blood in English:

new blood


(also fresh blood)
  • New members admitted to a group, especially as an invigorating force.

    ‘the need to bring in new blood and fresh ideas’
    • ‘Rangers are not the only club invigorated by new blood.’
    • ‘We are asking new members to come along as we feel the committee needs new blood and new ideas.’
    • ‘That makes it difficult for new blood with new ideas to enter politics.’
    • ‘That is why it badly needs reform - new blood, new ideas, new ways of working and a new voting system.’
    • ‘All three have served on the committee for three years and they felt that fresh blood and new ideas were needed at committee level.’
    • ‘Everyone benefits from the injection of new blood, innovative ideas and fresh approaches.’
    • ‘Like any organization, newsrooms depend on new blood and the fresh ideas that come with it.’
    • ‘I think they need to get some fresh blood in the campaign.’
    • ‘One might call these people inexperienced - he just calls them new blood.’
    • ‘As we conclude that the leaders have failed to make changes, we are currently in dire need of new blood in leadership positions.’