Meaning of New Comedy in English:

New Comedy


mass noun
  • A style of ancient Greek comedy associated with Menander, in which young lovers typically undergo endless vicissitudes in the company of stock fictional characters.

    ‘Plautus and Terence adapted the Greek New Comedy to their Roman style, largely through their adaptations of Menander's comedies.’
    • ‘They often do little or nothing to advance the action, and we know of nothing like them in Greek New Comedy.’
    • ‘In addition, Levi asserted that, since Sanskrit plays have little in common with the Greek New Comedy models proposed by scholars on the other side of the Rhine, the latter could not have been the source for the former.’
    • ‘For the subsequent history of drama derived from New Comedy, the case of Hrotswitha of Gandersheim in the tenth century is especially interesting.’
    • ‘Thus New Comedy reborn as the prakarana may have been another type of play that Sanskrit theater tried out at the beginning of its evolution and then rejected.’