Meaning of new man in English:

new man

Pronunciation /ˌnjuː ˈman/


  • A man who rejects sexist attitudes and the traditional male role, especially in the context of domestic responsibilities and childcare.

    ‘he is the epitome of a new man, leaving the office to arrive home in time to bath his daughter’
    • ‘One woman, a partner in an international professional services firm, was not unusual in pointing out that all the close men in her life were ‘nurturing’ types or new men.’
    • ‘During the week and between parental visits most of the blokes here are or are tending towards becoming new men, sharing household and family tasks equally and equably.’
    • ‘For every sprinkling of new men, there are hundreds of thousands who aren't.’
    • ‘Particularly as the children all came from families where the husbands were new men and did the cooking and changed nappies, and the women held down professional jobs.’
    • ‘Even the newest of new men likes to do the hunting.’
    • ‘Bly laid the foundations of a new men's movement, distributed New Warrior News and wrote Iron John, which became a bestseller.’