Meaning of new media in English:

new media


treated as singular or plural
  • Means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the internet.

    ‘the new media has become central to the political arena’
    • ‘She wants to help the foundation lead the way in figuring out what new media actually does for children.’
    • ‘New media has changed my life extraordinarily from what I was doing 10 years ago.’
    • ‘With this issue of the magazine we take a dramatic step into the realm of new media.’
    • ‘There's an enormous opportunity to expand our business through the use of new media.’
    • ‘The booming economy and rapid growth of new media have helped the entertainment industry flourish.’
    • ‘Anyone investing in new media today has to make a leap of faith.’
    • ‘How will new media work for the big advertisers?’
    • ‘Increasingly, Americans are turning to new media sources for news.’
    • ‘Large media companies thought they knew what people wanted from these new media: movies, games, shopping, sports.’
    • ‘A small group of hardcore zine creators have adapted to using new media, moving off the printed page to establish the e-zine.’
    • ‘How do most people use the new media?’
    • ‘Another point to consider is how new media such as the internet can help spread more progressive views.’
    • ‘In many research universities, exciting programs using new media have been launched.’
    • ‘Who is more deeply invested in new media, especially the Web, than the old media?’