Meaning of New Red Sandstone in English:

New Red Sandstone


  • A series of sedimentary rocks, chiefly soft red sandstones, belonging to the Permo–Triassic system of north-western Europe.

    ‘In places up to 2m or more of Head derived from the New Red Sandstone forms a superficial deposit on bedrock.’
    • ‘The Heart of England is founded on a series of rocks collectively known as the New Red Sandstones.’
    • ‘When we enter the broad valley of Zuni, the strata of the New Red Sandstone crop out from under the Jurassic rocks, and we establish our camp on the red marl of the Keuper.’
    • ‘Rocks of the Carboniferous period which normally lie between the Old and New Red Sandstone are completely missing in Moray.’
    • ‘The New Red Sandstones of Permian and Triassic age were formed some 240 million years ago when Britain was in a location equivalent to the modern Sahara.’