Meaning of New Year's Day in English:

New Year's Day

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  • The first day of the year; in the modern Western calendar, 1 January.

    ‘From New Year's Day, Revenue will only pay out on claims for expenses incurred in the last four years.’
    • ‘The lucky draw to announce the winner will be conducted on the New Year's Day.’
    • ‘All being well the next New Year's Day will be spent in a new place, quiet not only the morning after a big party but all year through.’
    • ‘They become yearlings on the first New Year's Day after they have been foaled.’
    • ‘On New Year's Day Wiltshire fire service spent most of the day pumping out flood waters that invaded the Market Place.’
    • ‘Eugene, who has been in charge of decorations at the hotel for three years, will even work Boxing Day and New Year's Day.’
    • ‘He suffered brain damage because of a build-up of fluid in his skull and died nine months later on New Year's Day.’
    • ‘Tiny twin girls born eight weeks premature kept special care staff busy as the New Year's Day smiles were mixed with concern.’
    • ‘They are also planning another 48-hour strike for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.’
    • ‘One of the most beautiful and decadent traditions in classical music is the New Year's Day concert.’
    • ‘Every New Year's Day we had a message from the Pope about peace and that was his constant theme.’
    • ‘Has New Year's Day been set up to give the illusion of having a new start?’
    • ‘On New Year's Day they discovered water trickling down the walls in their hall.’
    • ‘In January it lost part of its roof, blown off in a freak New Year's Day storm.’
    • ‘The New Year's Day trip to Grimsby was called off because of a waterlogged pitch.’
    • ‘There were six babies born on New Year's Day, and full details will appear in next week's Herald.’
    • ‘Two men were arrested shortly after New Year's Day for discharging a firearm in the beachfront area.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that their stress levels seem to escalate around Christmas and New Year's Day.’
    • ‘Now is the time to prepare if you want to give up smoking on New Year's Day 2004.’
    • ‘It had snowed on New Year's Day, and then iced, and then snowed again that week, so we got an extra week on our Christmas break.’