Meaning of New Zealand Maori in English:

New Zealand Maori


  • A Maori person from New Zealand, especially as distinguished from a Maori of the Cook Islands.

    ‘he told a group of New Zealand Maori that their presence was significant’
    • ‘The New Zealand Maori population opened up 'language nests' run by elders who teach nursery school-aged children how to speak their native language.’
    • ‘The 12 photographs in the calendar and the exhibition feature prominent New Zealand Maori figures such as singer-songwriter Maisey Rika.’
    • ‘How about a team of combined indigenous/islanders, like the New Zealand Maori?’
    • ‘He has denied saying New Zealand Maori should self-govern after the issue of sovereignty was raised at Waitangi Day commemorations.’
    • ‘The reporter looked into the high number of New Zealand Maori moving to Australia, to find out whether the "land of opportunity" was all they had hoped.’
    • ‘An astonishing variety of events will be held throughout the country, which the New Zealand Maori Tourism Council will promote in brochures, advertising and an online national events calendar.’
    • ‘This mask uses the power of manuka honey, a traditional remedy of the New Zealand Maori people, to draw moisture to the skin and intensely hydrate it.’
    • ‘We're assuming the New Zealand Maori Council is unsuccessful in its challenge to the planned sale.’
    • ‘After leaving the Navy he decided to investigate his own background - which also led him to find out more about New Zealand Maori.’
    • ‘The practice of tattooing remains strong among New Zealand Maori and receiving a customary design is still regarded as an important step on the passage to manhood in Samoa.’