Significado de New Zealander en en Inglés

New Zealander

Pronunciación /njuː ˈziːləndə/

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  • A native or inhabitant of New Zealand.

    ‘a chance for the average New Zealander to feel part of the Olympic Games’
    • ‘She was the only New Zealander amongst a host of international talent.’
    • ‘The native New Zealander is an internationally acclaimed opera singer.’
    • ‘One of the directors was a New Zealander.’
    • ‘I regard myself as an indigenous New Zealander.’
    • ‘I'm a New Zealander who has lived in Germany for the last 16 or so years.’
    • ‘The soloist is the brilliant young New Zealander.’
    • ‘It is democratic, and it allows all New Zealanders to have their say.’
    • ‘The gallery holds regular exhibitions displaying portraits of New Zealanders.’
    • ‘Decisions are made that affect New Zealanders' daily lives in terms of their money, jobs, prices, and services.’
    • ‘The debate over the legislation appeared to have solidified many New Zealanders' views.’