Meaning of Newfie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjuːfi/

nounplural noun Newfies

informal Canadian
  • A person from Newfoundland.

    • ‘Ontarians, along with Newfies and folks from the Northwest Territories’
    • ‘Jokes about Newfies gave way to jokes by Newfies, revealing a sense of humour so sharp that This Hour Has 22 Minutes is recognized as the official opposition.’
    • ‘Those Newfies really know sophistication, don't they?’
    • ‘The Newfies say they want to control their own fish.’
    • ‘There were hot and cold running women, and I remember the Newfies were just as tough and mean as everyone else.’
    • ‘I do tend to see things in a different light, so don't dismiss fishing as a sport for rednecks and Newfies.’
    • ‘The term refers to the true nature of Newfies who tend to do things - well, a bit differently.’
    • ‘Even the jokes about Newfies aren't unique, if one replaces Newfoundland with Norfolk, Shetland, Kerry, Tasmania or Arkansas.’
    • ‘‘You pursue the following rule’, explained a British seaman who had watched the Newfies at work: ‘You drive, knock and shove the poor Penguins in heaps!’’
    • ‘Plus, David's a Newfie, so he can be funny and sad, poignant and hilarious, all at the same time.’
    • ‘After an interesting encounter in the bathroom with a drunken Newfie, the four of us decided to call it a night.’
    • ‘We've all heard of the tradition of kissing of the cod and becoming an honorary Newfie.’
    • ‘If you have the gumption to challenge him to a drinking contest, this Newfie is guaranteed to do a gumboot on your back before you can say Extra Old Stock.’
    • ‘Dammit, I live with a Newfie and he makes British jokes all of the time.’