Meaning of newly-wed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjuːlɪwɛd/


usually newly-weds
  • A recently married person.

    ‘the newly-weds shared a kiss’
    • ‘a newly-wed couple’
    • ‘These two had been constant companions for two weeks, still newly-weds, recently ripped apart by the ravages of war.’
    • ‘A couple of Canadian newly-weds opposite me had driven up here all the way from Tuscany for dinner; by the end of the meal, hubby was so fired up by the experience that he was even sniffing the coffee.’
    • ‘This was the case even when both partners were in full-time employment, and most newly-weds already prioritized the husband's career and his role as provider.’
    • ‘Like many young couples, newly-weds Ingrid and Mark are struggling to get their feet on the first rung of the property ladder.’
    • ‘Last year, Married Life, a guide for newly-weds, was published by government-funded organisations and the Church of England to encourage more couples to jump over the broom.’
    • ‘The newly-weds of the title are a couple of unpleasant people, who have so little in common that their life together is likely to last as long as your memory of this movie.’
    • ‘So the British government promised to reunite all such newly-weds, and already hundreds of brides had been transported across the ocean to be greeted by husbands they barely knew.’
    • ‘Newspapers splashed pictures of the newly-weds dressed in matching beige outfits across their front pages and national broadcasters led their news bulletins with the wedding.’
    • ‘Due to family commitments, the newly-weds didn't manage a honeymoon but Tom, now 73, and Doreen 75, plan on treating themselves this time around.’
    • ‘The Carters were almost just the opposite: a pair of newly-weds who probably could not have children or have decided not to have children of their own.’
    • ‘The newly-weds who asked guests to make donations to charity instead of buying wedding presents - fly to Mauritius later this week for their honeymoon.’
    • ‘Congratulations and good wishes to the newly-weds.’
    • ‘The two sets of newly-weds, who live on the same street in Tyersal, Bradford, decided to get married on the same day when they realised they were both planning an August service.’
    • ‘The newly-weds spent the night in a honeymoon suite above the pub.’
    • ‘So few newly-weds are buying dining-room suites that they are beginning to clog up furniture showrooms.’
    • ‘The newly-weds spent a week in the Stratosphere Tower Hotel - one of the tallest buildings in the city.’
    • ‘Next morning I ride out with newly-weds Terry and Anne, and our wrangler Dan.’
    • ‘The honeymoon is being spent in Florida and we wish the newly-weds every happiness.’
    • ‘Mourners and newly-weds could face parking fines under new proposals for Otley town centre.’
    • ‘The newly-wed couple are wished every happiness and joy in their married lives.’
    husband and wife, twosome