Meaning of news blackout in English:

news blackout


  • A suppression of information imposed on the media, typically by the government.

    ‘a news blackout has been placed on the investigation’
    • ‘A news blackout was imposed on the night and the managers of photo agencies were told that they faced three years in prison and a fine if they sold any photos of the event.’
    • ‘The Appeal Court ruled that there should be a news blackout on a well-known entertainment industry figure who had an affair with a colleague.’
    • ‘Because of a news blackout, details of what happened were sketchy.’
    • ‘The police remain under fire as a virtual news blackout imposed by law bans them from revealing details of the case.’
    • ‘The trade group representing the studios declined comment, citing a news blackout agreed to by both sides during the talks.’
    • ‘She imposed a news blackout and warned the press to clear out of the crisis zone.’
    • ‘The authorities have not released any information on the incident and have imposed a news blackout.’
    • ‘The story has broken some kind of a news blackout in the mainstream press.’
    • ‘A magistrate ordered a news blackout on the case, while he determined if the man had a case to answer.’
    • ‘Concerned that reports could trigger further violence, police requested a news blackout.’
    • ‘The media have faced criticism from some quarters for agreeing to a news blackout.’
    • ‘Another journalist had not seen a gag order but said a complete news blackout would not be possible without one.’
    • ‘Officials had imposed a strict news blackout on the substance of the talks.’
    • ‘He revelled in the controversy he provoked by breaking the news blackout.’
    • ‘There was a total news blackout of the trial.’