Meaning of news photographer in English:

news photographer


  • A person who takes photographs of newsworthy events for a newspaper, magazine, or website.

    ‘a news photographer captured the haunting moment’
    • ‘The well-known news photographer died while photographing the disaster.’
    • ‘He was stopped by a news photographer who asked for a picture.’
    • ‘A news photographer was on the way to work and I passed him in the High Street, but not before he snapped me.’
    • ‘Over the past two decades, he has been a news photographer, a journalist, a human rights activist, and an expert witness in numerous court cases.’
    • ‘As a young news photographer, I quickly learnt that film was the cheapest commodity.’
    • ‘He smiled for news photographers and proudly told the court that he was fighting a crusade against moral corruption and vice.’
    • ‘Because I'm a news photographer, instinct always draws me to the siren.’
    • ‘I often had to brave hoards of news photographers to get a shot.’
    • ‘They didn't immediately investigate a charge of invasion of privacy against the news photographers at the scene of the tragedy.’
    • ‘He was only 21 years old but he decided he was going to be a freelance news photographer.’
    • ‘He has said he will allow two TV cameras and two news photographers into the court before the jury is sworn in.’