Meaning of newsagent in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjuːzeɪdʒ(ə)nt/

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  • A person or shop selling newspapers, magazines, confectionery, etc.

    ‘One boy went into a newsagent's shop and saw a magazine with a free gift attached to the cover.’
    • ‘State of the Arts is sold in select newsagents and bookshops nationally.’
    • ‘As well as tobacconists and newsagents, these shops also function as bars and cafes.’
    • ‘How can newsagents or bookshop managers possibly vet everything that they sell?’
    • ‘Every newsagent or corner store is full of an enormous choice of these, and they are inexpensive.’
    • ‘About 50 traders such as butchers, bakers and newsagents close each week.’
    • ‘The book will be on sale at newsagents and supermarkets as well as through charities, schools and community groups.’
    • ‘Ten retailers, including supermarkets and newsagents, have pledged their support to the appeal.’
    • ‘I live in fear of missing editions; I take strange routes to work that take in good newsagents and bookshops.’
    • ‘It's only 99p if you want to go out and buy a print copy and available from all good newsagents and some supermarkets.’
    • ‘Profile is being sold through outlets of WH Smith and at other newsagents throughout the North West.’
    • ‘We sell some copies through newsagents, but most are sold by supporters.’
    • ‘At ten to nine pretty much the only shops open are bakers and newsagents.’
    • ‘Other suppliers, such as newsagents, will only be able to sell them during limited periods.’
    • ‘He enjoyed walking to the newsagent every morning to buy a newspaper.’
    • ‘The shop used to be a newsagent and the move sparked objections from residents, who got up a petition to fight it.’
    • ‘It is available from all newsagents, supermarkets and filling stations in the town.’
    • ‘But, once again, newsagents are a really cheap but potentially effective marketing tool.’
    • ‘Point of sale was overlooked, leaving newsagents in the dark about the latest addition to the market.’
    • ‘The winner could be anyone, from a newsagent in York city centre, to an off-licence in Pickering or a petrol station in Selby.’