Meaning of newspaper office in English:

newspaper office


  • An office in which newspaper journalists work.

    ‘she works in a local newspaper office’
    • ‘One of the things about working around a newspaper office is that you get to see the press photographs that most organisations find too shocking to print.’
    • ‘For a short time, he was a clerk in a newspaper office.’
    • ‘His first jobs were as a messenger and copy-boy in a newspaper office.’
    • ‘He found work in Edinburgh in a newspaper office.’
    • ‘She's leaving us for a job in a newspaper office.’
    • ‘He would rise about three every morning and drive to his newspaper office where he edited his daily newspaper.’
    • ‘The threat was telephoned to a local newspaper office earlier this week.’
    • ‘Thousands waited outside the local newspaper offices.’
    • ‘I can think of a few national newspaper offices that will probably jump at the chance to upgrade their hacks' machines cheaply.’
    • ‘The version screened for journalists is also currently doing the rounds of newspaper offices.’