Meaning of newspaperman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnjuːzpeɪpəˌman/

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nounplural noun newspapermen

  • A male newspaper journalist.

    ‘And yet, if our sources for the transient ‘facts’ we base our lives upon are examined, they are writers… scientific writers, journalists, newspapermen.’
    • ‘I'll tell you about the newspaperman and the book publisher.’
    • ‘Crusading newspaperman versus reactionary publisher was a stock trope of the first half of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘I have always thought the bylaws decreed that only newspapermen are eligible but learned in connection with this column that there is nothing in the by-laws that says this.’
    • ‘My father didn't want to be a businessman; he was a newspaperman for the Kyodo News Service.’
    • ‘He knows that he is a newspaperman; he suspects that he may be a writer.’
    • ‘Murdoch was, at first, a newspaperman, but his media odyssey the past 20 years has been in television.’
    • ‘No newspaper, and no newspaperman, should ever be ashamed to entertain.’
    • ‘Sure, but newspapermen have deadlines to make and papers to sell.’
    • ‘From the dawn of sound to the middle of the 1950s, American newspapermen with a background in theatrical drama and novel-reading dominated the prestige end of film reviewing.’
    • ‘Cream City newspapermen would outfit the local Chinese with the usual ‘Chinamen’ stereotypes popular in 19th century America.’
    • ‘Yet even the greatest animosities of our current era seldom reach the depth of the hatred that existed between General William Tecumseh Sherman and the newspapermen who followed his army.’
    • ‘British and Australian newspapermen are still remarkably unabashed about the habit, and speak about it with shocking forthrightness.’
    • ‘He'd even put it in writing, and put it in writing the way all great old newspapermen used to do it, on a manual typewriter and on the back of paper scrounged from a wastebasket.’
    • ‘He talked to a few newspapermen who stood alongside.’
    • ‘The supplement offers an insight into the day-to-day life of the Yorkshire Post and how it compares with the methods and outlook of the newspapermen of 250 years ago.’
    • ‘As he bounded in looking fresh, relaxed and incredibly cheery, I noticed the charm that might grate with cynical newspapermen and City old-timers.’
    • ‘I have been talking to newspapermen all day and cannot think any of this is going to harm my show.’
    • ‘When he is finally released, George returns to Budapest where newspapermen and family try to get him to open up about his experiences.’
    • ‘He rides back to the office with two other newspapermen, Woolsey and Krum.’