Meaning of Newtonian mechanics in English:

Newtonian mechanics

plural noun

usually treated as singular
  • The system of mechanics which relies on Newton's laws of motion concerning the relations between forces acting and motions occurring.

    ‘In the field of physics, a clear line divides quantum mechanics from traditional Newtonian mechanics, but this is not true for chemistry.’
    • ‘Imbued with a deep appreciation of the entire history of science, Einstein regarded the theory of relativity as the inevitable consequence of the challenge posed to Newtonian mechanics by electromagnetic theory.’
    • ‘In order to reconcile Maxwell's equations with Newtonian gravity, with Newtonian mechanics, we had to replace Newton with special relativity.’
    • ‘A strong example of operative mathematics is Newtonian mechanics in physics: it's a great tool to help you predict what is going to happen in the world.’
    • ‘The fact that we can describe the motions of the world using Newtonian mechanics tells us nothing about the world.’