Meaning of Newtonian telescope in English:

Newtonian telescope


  • A reflecting telescope in which the light from the main mirror is deflected by a small flat secondary mirror set at 45°, sending it to a magnifying eyepiece in the side of the telescope.

    ‘The Newtonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope still in popular use.’
    • ‘Parsons initially made a 36-inch mirror, and in 1839 he built the mirror into a vast Newtonian telescope on the lawn of the castle.’
    • ‘Among the instruments that the club has accumulated over the years are a number of telescopes, including an eight-inch reflector Newtonian telescope and a six-inch model with tracking facility.’
    • ‘Another club member is donating his Newtonian telescope to the new observatory.’
    • ‘However, it was far too dim to penetrate the solar filters on my 10-inch Newtonian telescope and its 80 mm finder.’