Meaning of ngultrum in English:


Pronunciation /(ə)ŋˈɡʊltrəm/

nounplural noun ngultrum

  • The basic monetary unit of Bhutan, equal to 100 chetrum.

    ‘With an annual membership fee of 6,000 ngultrum, roughly $130, Bhutan's golfers are mostly limited to the upper echelons of society - government officials and diplomats, plus a few stray Japanese tourists.’
    • ‘The ngultrum is a non-convertible currency except with India due to the exchange peg.’
    • ‘The ngultrum is on par with the Indian Rupee (both the Nu and Indian Rupee can be used in Bhutan).’
    • ‘And I shudder to think of a world without the scrumptious Azerbaijani gopik, or worse yet without everyone's favorite - the Bhutanese ngultrum.’