Meaning of nickel-plated in English:


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  • Covered with a thin layer of nickel.

    ‘the base is made of nickel-plated copper’
    • ‘The entire lever cap is nickel-plated.’
    • ‘He had been involved in the development of a data storage device using a thin nickel-plated wire.’
    • ‘The pipes are nickel-plated copper, designed to prevent corrosion.’
    • ‘The cooler is largely made from nickel-plated copper.’
    • ‘It was a revolver, probably nickel-plated too, judging by the shine of the frame.’
    • ‘The cabinet is a nickel-plated steel frame.’
    • ‘A set of quality snap caps, usually nickel-plated, has traditionally graced the case of every fine double shotgun.’
    • ‘It was a nickel-plated revolver.’
    • ‘Grasping a big nickel-plated teapot with both hands, he poured some strong tea into a tin mug.’
    • ‘These screwdrivers were nickel-plated and had rosewood handles.’