Meaning of Nigerien in English:


Pronunciation /niːˈʒɛːrɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of Niger or its people.

    ‘a well-known Nigerien writer’
    • ‘The Nigerien electorate approved the new constitution in July 1999.’
    • ‘The men listen carefully to, and then discuss, the news, football games, and music (Nigerien, African, reggae, and global pop).’
    • ‘For his new album, the Nigerien guitarist found a producer an ocean away.’
    • ‘The report offers a profile of Niger's mobile telecommunications markets based on comprehensive data and insights from our research in the Nigerien market.’
    • ‘The Nigerien youngsters were handed a 4-1 defeat in Niamey with a further 6-0 defeat at the weekend in Calabar.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Niger, or a person of Nigerien descent.

    ‘this project will be carried out entirely by Nigeriens’
    • ‘The group included a 25-year-old Nigerien whose intended destination was 2,500 kilometers away.’
    • ‘When the refinery was commissioned last year every Nigerien was hopeful of a good future.’
    • ‘The Nigeriens lost the first game 1-0 in Conakry.’
    • ‘Those islands are home to both Nigerians and Nigeriens working in the fishing industry.’
    • ‘Nigeriens and Nigerians regularly cross the river into each other's countries to trade goods and access services.’