Meaning of night nurse in English:

night nurse

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  • A nurse who cares for patients during the night.

    ‘at 2 a.m. the night nurse looked in’
    • ‘The night nurse comes to give me a shot.’
    • ‘The night nurse is called in at the last minute to take over a shift at a prison hospital.’
    • ‘He was brought in last night, and the night nurse was told to find him temporary accommodation.’
    • ‘Five nuns worked as night nurses at the naval hospital.’
    • ‘The elderly night nurse works a 12-hour shift.’
    • ‘Did the night nurse come in last night?’
    • ‘The hospital was clean and the night nurse friendly.’
    • ‘Night nurses look after critically ill patients at home, allowing carers a break and an opportunity to catch some sleep.’
    • ‘I was called by the night nurse on my ward at about 2am to see one of our patients.’
    • ‘The night nurse always kept meticulous notes on her clipboard.’