Meaning of nigiri in English:


Pronunciation /nɪˈɡɪri/


mass noun
  • A type of sushi consisting of a small ball of rice, smeared with wasabi paste and topped with raw fish or other seafood.

    ‘sushi may be the ultimate in sophisticated grab-and-go lunches, but making your own nigiri is surprisingly simple’
    • ‘Champagne works brilliantly with Japanese cuisine, particularly nigiri or sashimi, whose clean flavor profiles lend themselves well to champagne.’
    • ‘Salmon nigiri is a standard part of my order at any sushi place.’
    • ‘The rolls and hot items were all acceptable, but the nigiri is comparable if not worse than what one finds at the grocery store.’
    • ‘The nigiri is appropriately sized (bucking the current trend of sushi so big it exceeds any polite mouthful).’
    • ‘There is a selection of nigiri sushi, including exceptionally good yellowtail and salmon.’
    • ‘The house special bento box is $8.95 and comes with four pieces of fresh and firm nigiri sushi, a nice salad, some fresh and light tempura, and teriyaki chicken.’
    • ‘Sushi can be found in most British cities and many supermarkets offer maki, nigiri and inari alongside the bread and milk.’
    • ‘The two nigiri and sashimi platters we ordered were specials of the day and they did the job, but did not amaze.’
    • ‘I usually base the quality of an establishment that serves sushi on their Salmon Nigiri Sushi - if it smells fishy and just doesn't taste too good, forget it - I'm not coming back.’
    • ‘I got the lunch special that comes with California Roll and six pieces of nigiri.’


From Japanese nigirizushi, from nigiri- (combining form of nigiru ‘clasp, clench, roll in the hands’) + -zushi (combining form of sushi).