Meaning of nigrescent in English:


Pronunciation /nɪˈɡrɛs(ə)nt/ /nʌɪˈɡrɛs(ə)nt/


  • Blackish.

    ‘His nigrescent pelt shone in the growing darkness, the kingdom he entered was not his own, it was unclaimed.’
    • ‘The peduncles are typically subglabrous to hispidulose or glandular, nigrescent; bracteoles caducous.’
    • ‘This nigrescent little corridor opens onto a dimly lit dining room that has seven booths that seat four and two tables that seat two.’
    • ‘The central part of the nigrescent parade was drawn by a steam engine wholly different in appearance, this one looking less like a maladroit tin shed mounted upon a wheeled chassis and a lot more like a vehicle designed for such labour as this.’
    black, jet black, jet, pitch black, pitch dark, pitch, black as pitch, coal black, black as night, sable, ebony, dark


Mid 18th century from Latin nigrescent- ‘growing black’, from the verb nigrescere, from niger, nigr- ‘black’.