Meaning of nimble-footed in English:



  • Agile and fast on one's feet.

    ‘a group of energetic, nimble-footed dancers’
    • ‘He points to a stocky, nimble-footed teenager, juggling a ball on the back of his neck in front of the nearby goal.’
    • ‘Whatever happens it is a pretty safe bet that Scotland will be able to provide its fair share of nimble-footed winners.’
    • ‘It was a message of peace from nimble-footed dancing kids to the people of the world, on a day that was special to all children in the country.’
    • ‘Roberts, nimble-footed, quick between the wickets, and full of strokes, joined Lancashire from Northants 18 months ago but failed to impress in his limited appearances last season.’
    • ‘Huge numbers of palm trees lined the roads with nimble-footed men springing up ladders to collect the palm sugar liquid.’
    • ‘A 300-pound man has about as good a chance of catching a nimble-footed quarterback as an elephant has of swatting a fly.’
    • ‘Despite his size, he's nimble-footed and can jump.’
    • ‘Jennings is strong and nimble-footed.’
    • ‘Hitchcock's images of Cary Grant, in all his Arrow-shirt, nimble-footed splendor, are with us yet.’
    agile, lithe, sprightly, acrobatic, light-footed, nimble-footed, light, light on one's feet, fleet-footed, spry, lively, active, quick, quick-moving, graceful, supple, limber, lissom, flexible, skilful, deft, dexterous, adroit