Meaning of nimiety in English:



mass nounliterary
  • The state of being more than is necessary or desirable; excess.

    ‘Coleridge criticized Schiller for what he called the nimiety of his blank verse’
    • ‘There are moments in Bach when I would accuse him of nimiety, a pedantic thoroughness, more artifice than art.’
    • ‘A more serious blemish with most modern poetry, is nimiety, the tendency to dilute the general effect by repetition.’
    • ‘We now seem to live in a country that is wrestling between issues of scarcity and nimiety—in which we feel compelled to voice our concerns, complaints, and opinions.’
    • ‘Fram doesn't like nimiety; he dislikes especially nimiety of presents.’
    • ‘She could not forgive the nimiety of blunders and Carmen offered no apologies.’
    surplus, surfeit, overabundance, superabundance, superfluity, oversufficiency, profusion, plethora, glut


Mid 16th century from Latin nimietas, from nimis ‘too much’.