Meaning of nippily in English:



See nippy

‘‘Well, it is Christmas,’ I said, as we managed finally to get onto the entry ramp, dodging nippily in front of an over-sized Range Rover the driver of which was looking particularly apoplectic.’
  • ‘Then he's off again, nippily leading the way to his orchard so that he can show off his apple trees, despite the fact that he has an arthritic knee.’
  • ‘This is very hard to do, and it's not very feasible that a hefty sort of spaceship could fly around nippily just like a plane.’
  • ‘It's nippily directed, but until the closing revelations, rather too talky.’
  • ‘Programs moved nippily along and the battery life was a real surprise for such a small unit - we still had juice left after five hours of solid MP3 playback!’