Meaning of niqab in English:


Pronunciation /nɪˈkɑːb/


  • A veil worn by some Muslim women in public, covering all of the face apart from the eyes.

    ‘Soon, Azza went further and put on the niqab, the veil that covers a woman's face below the eyes.’
    • ‘Once accustomed to, the niqab is certainly not inconvenient.’
    • ‘Lately after the incident of him speaking freely to my brother in laws' wives I felt like not wearing my niqab anymore.’
    • ‘The plaintiff holds a sincere religious belief that she should wear the niqab in front of all strangers and unrelated Muslim men.’
    • ‘Many of their womenfolk are clad in traditional head-to-toe black robes, and some wear a niqab, the scarf that covers the face - their appearance contrasting starkly with young local women who favour tight-fitting western clothes.’
    • ‘Sadat went as far as to ban the niqab at universities.’
    • ‘The tack taken by the majority of posters supporting her right to have a license while in niqab is that as a profession of her religious faith, the government is obliged to support her in this.’
    • ‘A gaggle of people - from older women in full black niqab to young British girls in shorts - are standing in line to get their picture taken with a live snake, one of a collection of 17 of the reptiles on display.’


Arabic niqāb.