Meaning of Nisqually in English:


(also Nisqualy, Nisqualli)

Pronunciation /nɪsˈkwɑːli/ /nɪsˈkwali/


  • Of, relating to, or designating a North American Indian people inhabiting the lower Nisqually River south of the Puget Sound in Washington State, now resident in Thurston County, Washington State.


  • 1A member of the Nisqually people.

  • 2The Salishan language of the Nisqually people, a dialect of Lushootseed.


Early 19th century. From Nisqually (Lushootseed dxwsqwə́li), place name used by the North American Indian people of Puget Sound, Washington State (later, in settlers' use, in the name of Fort Nisqually, a fur-trading outpost, of the NisquallyRiver, and of a number of other places in the area).