Meaning of nitrox in English:



mass noun
  • A mixture of oxygen and nitrogen used as a breathing gas by divers, especially a mixture containing a lower proportion of nitrogen than is normally present in air, to reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

    • ‘Using nitrox to reduce your nitrogen content offers these advantages.’
    • ‘I later ask Terry about oxygen, nitrox and helium.’
    • ‘With basic and advanced nitrox divers should not be able to buy oxygen.’
    • ‘You can use air or nitrox, and dive from the shore at any time, day or night.’
    • ‘On the huge dive deck, everyone has a big locker under a bench seat, with his or her cylinder charged in situ with air or nitrox via a hard-plumbed system.’
    • ‘By now anyone diving on air will be well into decompression, and anyone diving on nitrox will be at their no-stop time.’
    • ‘A good use for the last few pounds would be a couple of fills for additional shore dives or some nitrox to get the most out of some of the boat dives.’
    • ‘I found diving on air very limiting, and when I return I'll be taking nitrox for my second dive.’
    • ‘Air is provided by on-board compressors, and nitrox can be mixed on-board most boats for an extra charge.’
    • ‘A maximum depth of 44m at highwater slack makes nitrox a good idea for decompression safety.’
    • ‘If you dive twins best bring them with you, air is free and all the boats pump nitrox at an extra cost.’
    • ‘I travelled lighter, diving with a single cylinder of nitrox and a solitary camera, and I was able to head off down to the wreck the moment we arrived at the site.’
    • ‘By the time I was down to 50 bar of nitrox I noticed I was alone.’
    • ‘What they could do with is nitrox - not least the guides themselves, who have to make preliminary dives to check out the currents.’
    • ‘There is a choice of 10, 12 or 15 litre steel tanks and nitrox for those who order it when booking.’
    • ‘Average depth of 33m makes the Warwick Deeping ideal for nitrox, though beware of the scour under the stern.’
    • ‘Five of us on nitrox, we are led by Matt into the Temple of Doom.’
    • ‘This wreck is sufficiently shallow for nitrox to offer little advantage.’
    • ‘As yet, nitrox is not locally available, so such stops would be long ones.’
    • ‘Mike collects trains and supplies nitrox, and not a lot of people know that.’


1980s from nitrogen + oxygen.