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  • Without unnecessary extras, especially ones for decoration or additional comfort.

    ‘cheap fast food in no-frills surroundings’
    • ‘Rationing, which existed until 1951, was still in place and the diet consisted of basic, no-frills meals.’
    • ‘Millions of extra seats will be available during the summer as no-frills carriers begin new routes.’
    • ‘The future of no-frills airlines may be the subject of much speculation in Europe, but Asia is happily embracing the phenomenon.’
    • ‘Even with partners on low incomes they can choose a no-frills life and stay home instead of outsourcing childcare when children are very young.’
    • ‘The growth of no-frills airlines is likely to lead to a dip in the number of people taking package holidays next year, according to new research.’
    • ‘Major carriers at the airport are taking on their no-frills competitors with a range of low-cost fares on domestic and European routes.’
    • ‘Alternatively, you can arrange cheap flights through one of the no-frills airlines and find hotel accommodation when you arrive.’
    • ‘But the consumer magazine also noted that people rated the no-frills carriers slightly worse than two years ago.’
    • ‘The no-frills principle is being applied to the cinema chain.’
    • ‘Combined with hip TV advertising, the no-frills brand has become ultra trendy.’
    • ‘Manchester Airport is negotiating to get its first no-frills airline.’
    • ‘The airline said it would restructure its European short-haul business to compete with no-frills carriers.’
    • ‘The new no-frills bank will concentrate on consumer credit and mortgages and will initially focus on the UK market.’
    • ‘She's seen as adding a touch of glamour to the no-frills market.’
    • ‘That meant continuing to operate short-haul flights, in competition with no-frills carriers.’
    • ‘He said private insurers will have to offer consumers an inexpensive, no-frills plan.’
    • ‘The company thrives on offering cheap, no-frills food products and household goods.’
    • ‘Many business executives now shun the major airlines and favour the no-frills operators.’
    • ‘They will find it a friendly, efficient place, which serves low-cost, no-frills food.’
    • ‘Cheap flights on no-frills airlines are helping to fuel a boom in the northwest's tourist trade.’
    plain, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, unornamented, without ornament, without ornamentation, unelaborate, unpretentious, unostentatious, unfussy, no-nonsense, basic, modest, unsophisticated, penny plain, without frills, honest, homely, homespun, everyday, workaday