Meaning of no-show in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnəʊˌʃəʊ/

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  • A person who has made a reservation, booking, or appointment but neither keeps nor cancels it.

    ‘seats left empty by no-shows’
    • ‘no-show customers’
    • ‘Supervisors need to predetermine how to handle no-shows or canceled appointments related to hospital visits, illnesses, or death of a family member.’
    • ‘Hotels must juggle cancellations, no-shows, guests who extend their stays beyond their original reservations and rooms that are taken out of service for repairs.’
    • ‘Elton John, Liam Neeson, and Michael Douglas were no-shows - unlike the guests of Liza's mother Judy Garland's generation, including Kirk Douglas and Judy's regular co-star Mickey Rooney.’
    • ‘Beastie Boys and Hilary Duff also were no-shows for their scheduled backstage moments.’
    • ‘His no-shows and other distractions began to catch up with him, but no-one in the team had any idea that when we played Queens Park Rangers on New Year's Day of 1974, we would be playing in George's final game for United.’
    • ‘Miss World organisers could not immediately explain the no-shows, saying only that they hoped the others would arrive before the pageant finale on December 7.’
    • ‘Although attendance at the events is now a requirement of becoming a British citizen, none of the no-shows have been punished with the ultimate sanction - the refusal of their passport.’
    • ‘Frist is citing a study from the Congressional Budget Office that assumes 30 percent of the work force would be no-shows on their jobs for up to three weeks.’
    • ‘Auditors only have to identify the flights staff were on, and then track down the handful of no-shows from those flights - both painfully easy tasks.’
    • ‘Kennedy certainly appeared unwell, but critics point out that, the day before one of his celebrated no-shows, he had been celebrating his birthday with friends.’
    • ‘We had two no-shows, but not one person asked for a refund.’
    • ‘‘We rarely get no-shows - that is people who book and then fail to show up, so Miss Niera was an exception,’ he said.’
    • ‘Thus it was that I dressed in my finest suit, and things looked good for getting a seat: six no-shows at the start of the meal.’
    • ‘In the evening the Geek Cruisers had a cheese and wine evening, which was supposed to also include photographs but too many people were no-shows to make it worthwhile.’
    • ‘Low turnouts for challenge matches and a number of unpunished no-shows point to the fact that this team was always in for a hiding down in Killarney anyway.’
    • ‘Job programs should report no-shows to their parole officer at once.’
    • ‘Aware that some travelers are no-shows, airlines routinely sell more tickets than an aircraft has seats.’
    • ‘The academy also showed that they have respect even for no-shows.’
    • ‘With that mixed start to the year we can only hope that Pete becomes better known for his poetic lyrics and memorable gigs than for court cases and no-shows.’
    • ‘Now his new album is a decade late, and his tour has collapsed amid riots and no-shows.’