Meaning of no big deal in English:

no big deal


  • Used to indicate that something is of little consequence.

    • ‘We had a casual conversation about it. No big deal.’
    • ‘A business budget is no big deal, or need not be.’
    • ‘No big deal, I've got training tomorrow anyway.’
    • ‘That's fine for data, where a few milliseconds of lag time on a transcontinental journey is no big deal.’
    • ‘In pop music people have done over-dubbing for years, that's no big deal.’
    • ‘There is no big deal made of her Hispanic heritage, which is the way it should be.’
    • ‘There's a few problems with the finer details, some really minor compression artifacts and motion blur but no big deal.’
    • ‘While the 5.1 mix is no big deal, the missing commentary track is irksome.’
    • ‘Forgetting someone's name once, for example, is no big deal: Perpetually scrambling at the last minute to finish tasks, however, warrants a closer look at your behavior.’
    • ‘The telephone is no big deal today, but 60 or 70 years ago learning telephone safety etiquette was a big deal.’
    • ‘If I don't get a soundcheck, it's no big deal.’