Meaning of no can do in English:

no can do

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  • I am unable to do it.

    • ‘Oh, no can do, sweetheart, I'm booked up until - let's see - next Tuesday.’
    • ‘Sorry, no can do, they're contaminated with asbestos.’
    • ‘‘He told me to let go, and I said, ‘Sorry, kid, no can do.’’
    • ‘‘Hmm… tempting, very tempting,’ Pearl mocked, ‘but no can do.’’
    • ‘Ooh, Thursday, no can do, mom's home tonight and Bruce is making dinner.’
    • ‘‘Sorry missy, no can do, go home,’ he said pointing at the elevator.’
    • ‘‘Sorry, no can do,’ I laughed cheerfully, grabbing his arm and pulling him to his feet before he had a chance to protest.’
    • ‘Sorry, but no can do, you've seen us, it's not safe for either of us to part company.’
    • ‘Soon I have a crowd forming, and people jumping onto the other set of pads to try to beat me… but no can do, I am invincible!’
    • ‘I've tried to compromise with him, but no can do, he loves his mommy too much.’